Thursday 11 April, Honiara - The Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants (ISIA) will be hosting its inaugural Accountants Congress this year on the 17th of September 2024.

The 2024 Accountants Congress will be hosted with the theme ‘Building for a Sustainable Future for Solomon Islands: The Role of the Accounting Profession in Nation-Building’.

The Accountants Congress is an event that Professional Accounting Organisations (PAOs) around the world host annually as a platform to facilitate discussions on relevant matters of national interest with the government, business communities, industry experts and the finance and accounting professionals.

ISIA, as the Solomon Islands national PAO mandated by the Accountants Act 2010 to develop and regulate the SI accounting profession, will be partnering with the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA Australia) and the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) to host this high-profile national event.

ISIA Chief Executive Officer, Ms Pamela Naesol-Alamu said the intention of this Congress is to bring together business leaders, industry experts, government representatives, donors, and the accounting profession together to effectively dialogue and seek prospective collaborative solutions to support sustainable nation-building efforts for Solomon Islands.

“The overall objective of the Accountants Congress is to facilitate discussions between the private sector business community, industry experts, government and the accounting profession on relevant matters affecting the SI economy, business practices and the development of the local accounting profession,” she said.

The Congress will provide an opportunity for participants to listen to prominent international speakers and leaders in finance and the business community share ideas and views with accountants and debate current issues and trends affecting the profession, the business community, and the Solomon Islands economy.

The 2024 Accountants Congress is expected to have presentations from various sectors including from the accounting profession, Government, financial institutions, donor partners, private sector, and other professional bodies.

Overview of the topics for discussions includes the Solomon Islands economy, relevant business issues affecting local businesses, accounting issues both globally and nationally including ethics and good governance, change management and effective transformation and the key to achieving success.

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Wednesday 10 April, Honiara - The Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants’ (ISIA) key strategic areas of focus for the next two years are education and learning development, and capacity building of the Institute’s Secretariat to ensure operational sustainability for ISIA in the future.

New President of ISIA’s Council of members, Mr Johnson Lobo made these remarks during the Institute’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 4th April at the Heritage Park Hotel in Honiara on behalf of outgoing President, Mr Peter Lokay.

Mr Lobo said the primary focus will be on making available in-country relevant high quality education programs and events aimed at enhancing accounting skills, competencies, and capabilities and also to raise the profile of the accounting profession locally.

“The overall intention is to build a pool of highly competent accounting professionals trained with internationally accredited education programs to deliver high quality financial and accounting services in both the private sector and public sector over the next five years.

“We believe that this approach should effectively contribute towards addressing the current gaps identified in the accounting skills shortages, particularly in the local industries,” he said.

Mr Lobo highlighted that continuous development of relevant high-quality accounting education programs at both the academic and professional levels will have a direct impact on raising the standards of technical and leadership skills and competencies of ISIA members.

“This, in turn, will directly impact on the quality of accounting and financial services our members can deliver to their employers and clients in the respective sectors they serve,” the ISIA President highlighted.

Mr Lobo added that the development and stabilization of the Secretariat’s capacity and capabilities is key to improving the quality of the services that ISIA can deliver to our members and stakeholders.

“Successful execution of implementing programs should effectively place ISIA in an ideal position to effectively deliver on its mandated roles and responsibilities as required under the Accountants Act 2010,” he said.

He said other areas that ISIA will be focusing on in the most immediate future include programs that aim to demonstrate the Institute’s commitment to promote inclusivity – by providing access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized such as women and those with physical or intellectual disabilities or belonging to other minority groups.

Meanwhile, the ISIA President call on members and stakeholders in both the private and public sectors to support the work that ISIA is currently doing in the country.

“The accounting profession has a significant role to play in nation-building in Solomon Islands. A strong accounting profession has many benefits that will lead to increased economic growth, and we need the support of all our stakeholders to continue to develop ISIA to be a fully functional professional accounting organization (PAO),” he said.

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PHOTO 1: The newly elected ISIA Council Members and CEO during the AGM on Thursday 4th April 2024.

New elected ISIA Council Members













PHOTO 2: New President of ISIA John Lobo addressing members at the AGM.

New ISIA President - Johnson Lobo
















PHOTO 3: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ISIA, Pamela Naesol Alamu delivering the CEO’s report during the AGM.

CEO-Pamela Naesol
















PHOTO 4: ISIA members voting for their new Council members during the AGM.

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Wednesday 10 April, Honiara - The Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants (ISIA) hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 4th April 2024 in Honiara with the election of Council members for the institute.

Nomination for executive positions within the Council were elected unopposed which saw Johnson Lobo as the new President, Delilah Homelo as Vice President, Roger Townshend as Treasurer and Loretta Tema as Secretary.

Amabelle Vitualla, Silas Vikea, Emmanuel Gela, Kevin Murray, Apollos Inasimae and Walter Maesugea were elected as Council Members.

The Council of the Institute is the governing body mandated under the Accountants Act 2010 to manage, direct, and oversee the operations of the Institute to ensure that the Institute effectively delivers on its mandated roles and responsibilities.

The ISIA Council has twelve (12) positions out of which ten (10) are voted in by members during the Institute’s AGM and two are co-opted positions which are allocated to the post-holders of the Accountant General and the Auditor General.

In delivering the Institute’s 2023  Annual Report, ISIA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms Pamela Naesol Alamu highlighted that it has been a great year for ISIA which saw a positive shift in the Secretariat’s activities pushing them in the right direction of their vision for ISIA. 

“However, it is also important that we make mention of challenges we continue to face as well. As with every journey, there will always be triumphs and challenges along the way. Despite this, our team is committed to ensuring that we continue to deliver results for our members and stakeholders,” she said.

In her presentation, the CEO highlighted the key areas in which the Strategic Plan of the Institute is founded, initiatives undertaken to address the key objectives, future outlook for the Institute, achievements and the challenges faced.

Our vision remains the same and that is to see ISIA become a fully functional professional accounting organization (PAO) that meets international standards to achieve full accreditation/recognition with regional and international accounting standard setting organizations such as the Confederation of Asia Pacific Accountants (CAPA) and the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). 

“A strengthened accounting profession is critical for the sustainable development of Solomon Islands as this can significantly contribute to sustainable economic development/ growth and nation building. 

“Accounting is not only about numbers but more about the social contract that exists between the people and governments / governing bodies. Effective and accurate financial reporting and management are critical in delivering transparency and accountability in how effective and efficient resources entrusted to governing entities are managed. Therefore, public interest is at the core of the accounting profession,” ISIA CEO, Ms Alamu, said.

She also acknowledged everyone who have contributed towards supporting the work of the ISIA Secretariat.

“To the 2023 Council, our Members, our Partners (locally, regionally, and internationally) we highly appreciate your ongoing commitment and support to us.

“And to the Government of Australia – we are indebted to you for the financial support provided to ISIA over the past seven (7) years to build the capacity of the Secretariat and to develop relevant professional trainings to enhance professional development for our local accountants,” Ms Alamu acknowledged.

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PHOTO 1: The newly elected ISIA Council Members and CEO during the AGM on Thursday 4th April 2024.

Newly elected ISIA Council Members












PHOTO 2: New President of ISIA John Lobo addressing members at the AGM.

Johnson Lobo













PHOTO 3: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ISIA, Pamela Naesol Alamu delivering the CEO’s report during the AGM.

CEO-Pamela Naesol Alamu














PHOTO 4: ISIA members voting for their new Council members during the AGM.

ISIA members voting during the AGM













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Thursday 5 October, Honiara - A third cohort of women leaders and aspiring leaders in the country have successfully completed a four-day Solomon Islands Senior Executive Women in Leadership Program in Honiara on Thursday 28th September 2023. Delivered through a partnership between the Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants (ISIA), the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) and the Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA), the program is aimed at building a pool of businesswomen and professional women with relevant knowledge and skills required to enable them to effectively participate in the decision-making process at higher organizational
The seventeen (17) women participants received their certifications for successfully completing the program during a SICCI Business After 5 networking event on Friday 29 September 2023 at the Heritage Park Hotel. Keynote speaker during the event was Chairlady of the SICCI Board, Ms Qila Tuhanuku who shared her own experiences and encouragements to help participants see the overall picture
of leadership in higher-decision positions which they can build on.
Head of Corporate Services at Solomon Water, Ms Michelle Maelaua was among those who completed the four-day program.
“As women executive it falls upon us to ask ourselves how we can make a difference in this space,” Ms Maelaua said while sharing her testimony. “Through this training we have developed, engaged and also used tools and discussed topics on how we can be better leaders as we go up the cooperate ladder.” Ms Maelaua highlighted that one of the key takeout from the training program was
networking. “A very important area which we as women leaders should not sheer away from. Another area is sharing our experiences,” she said.
Fiona Teama, Head of Marketing at Tourism Solomons, highlighted that all participants had firsthand experience together learning from each other during the four-day training program.

“One of the highlights of the training was the challenges we face as women leaders daily, and we were able to draw some strategies on how we can overcome some of these challenges. “We also heard and were able to hear first-hand information and experiences from women in different industries in the country,” Ms Teama said. ISIA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms Pamela Alamu reiterated that with this training they hope to provide participants with relevant knowledge and skills in key areas that are important as a starting basis to support them in building their overall leadership skills. Through the partnership between ISIA, SICCI and SIWIBA, they have collaborated with a shared vision of diversity and inclusivity to help strengthen women’s active participation in higher decision-making positions whether it be in business, organisations or on boards or
committees. “We want to look at effective ways in which we can start developing women and empowering them so that they can be effective in the areas in which they serve, and one of the first steps is to have a structured training on fundamental areas considered critical for effective
leadership in this space,” ISIA CEO, Ms Alamu, said. SICCI’s Executive Officer and Acting CEO, Ms Florence Rhibbie Tatemale Auma said
SICCI, as the peak body representing the private sector, values the partnership between ISIA and SIWIBA.
Ms Auma commends past participants and present for taking up the challenge to enhance themselves with the knowledge and skills through the training that would grow the presence of women in the senior executive roles or higher. “The participants are the reason why the two cohorts conducted were successful,” she said. SIWIBA CEO Ms Rachel Rahii concluded by stressing that there is no guideline or module for women leaders in the Solomon Islands, so the road out there is tough. “With the skills you have learned in this training I want you to go out there and do your best
for your respective organization,” she encouraged the participants. The SIWIBA CEO acknowledged all the partners who have worked together to make this training program possible for women in the Solomon Islands.

“Together we can drive positive change,” she said.

Photo 1: ISIA CEO Pamela Alamu delivering her opening remarks at the BA5 event.


Photo 2: ISI CEO Pamela Alamu and SICCI Chairlady Qila Tuhanuku handing over certificate to one of the participants.

Photo 3: ISIA CEI Pamela Alamu, lead facilitator Pauline Soaki and staff from Toursim Solomons who participated in the training program.

Photo 4: ISIA CEI Pamela Alamu, lead facilitator Pauline Soaki and staff from Solomon Airlines who participated in the training program.

Photo 5: Doctor Donna Wate receiving her certificate from ISIA CEO Pamela Alamu.

Photo 6: Tourism Solomons’ Marketing Manager, Fiona Teama sharing her experience in attending the training program.

Photo 7: Head of Corporate Affairs at Solomon Water Michelle Maelaua sharing her experience in attending the training program.

Photo 8: SIWIBA CEO Rachel Rahii delivering her closing remarks at the BA5 event.



Title: ISIA congratulates graduands of Australian Funded Professional Diploma in Accounting Program.

Thirty-nine public sector and private sector accountants graduated with their Professional Diploma in Accounting from the Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants on Monday 11 September.
The inaugural graduation ceremony marked the successful completion of ISIA’s pilot of its professional development program, the Professional Diploma in Accounting. The Australian Government funded the pilot as part of its broader support to the Institute. ISIA delivered the pilot in collaboration with the Institute of Public Accountants, Monarch Institute, and Pearson Vue.

ISIA CEO, Pamela Naesol-Alamu said ISIA is focused on raising the standards of the accounting profession in the country. “To raise the standards, we need to develop a pool of highly competent accountants, and professional development programs such as the Professional Diploma in Accounting are aimed at equipping accountants with technical knowledge and enhance their capability to provide high quality services to their employers and clients”. The pilot was recently completed in July 2023 with the successful roll-out of four modules which covered key accounting competencies for technician accountants and registered book-keepers. This included a Tax & Law module contextualised to the Solomon Islands tax system and Company Law.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Australian Deputy High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Sally-Anne Vincent, said, “Under the Australia-Solomon Islands Economic partnership Australia’s support to ISIA and the pilot program recognises the great need for professional development opportunities for accounting professionals and practitioners in Solomon Islands. A strong pool of professionals and practitioners can raise the standards of the accounting sector across Solomon Islands which underpins good governance and accountability and promoted economic stability”

I acknowledge the support and the role the Government of Solomon Islands in providing an enabling environment for this important development which supports long-term economic growth in the country”.

Institute of Public Accountants President and Board Chairperson, Julie Williams, said, “Accounting isn’t just about numbers, it’s about the social contract that exists between all of us. The future of accounting will be broad, transdisciplinary, and focus on problem solving, but accounting will still be the core of the profession”.

“Australia and the Solomon Islands are neighbors and long-time friends. The IPA Group is committed to capacity building in the Asia-Pacific, and we hope that the ISIA - IPA Professional Diploma of Accounting program will help prepare graduates for the future of the profession,” said Williams.

ISIA CEO expressed her sincere gratitude and appreciation to all ISIA’s key partners. She added, “our success in developing the accounting profession in Solomon Islands would not have been possible without the ongoing support from the Governments of Solomon Islands and Australia. Over the last eight years, Australia has financially supported key projects of the Institute. This includes the piloting of this Professional Diploma Program through the Australia Solomon Islands Partnership for Governance Program. The Government of Solomon Islands has ensured appropriate laws and regulations are in place that also enables ISIA to deliver its mandate.” ISIA intends to provide more professional development opportunities to enhance accountants’ knowledge and skills in the country, and a professional membership pathway for its members to allow them to progress toward higher professional accreditation.

Employers, business houses and everyone that rely on the services of accountants should support the work of the Institute as Solomon Islands stands to gain many economic benefits when the local accounting profession is strong. End:// For more information, contact ISIA Media on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 20131