The following are minimum requirements for eligibility for membership under one of our 5 types of member categories.​

Practising CPA

This membership category is for Accountants who have achieved a CPA and have their own accounting practice:

  • ​Must have a degree or Masters or higher qualification in Accounting from a recognised university;
  • At least five years working in or practicing Accounting in any jurisdiction;
  • Provision of 2 professional referees (one of which must be a SICPA);
  • Must not have been disqualified from another jurisdiction;
  • Must have a CPA qualification; 
  • Must have their own accounting practice or is a partner in an accounting practice firm;
  • Must not have been convicted of fraud, money laundering, or crimes against children.


This membership category is for working accountants who are not in private practice of their own but working as an accountant for a firm or organization which is not Government in nature.

  • ​Formal qualification in accounting;
  • Is currently working as an accountant or has 5 years working experience in accounting;
  • No previous convictions for fraud or money laundering or crimes against children;
  • Provision of 1 professional referees to sign 1 Associate member.

Associate Member

This category of membership is for those wishing to be associated with ISIA but who are not technically accountants.  This may include advisers, lecturers or teachers. 

  • 3 years of working Experience
  • Must have a degree in a related discipline;
  • Currently working in accounting as lecturers, teachers or advisers;
  • or work in economics, banking, finance, taxation or internal auditing or related field such as law or commerce;
  • At least two professional referees;


This category of membership is for those aspiring individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in accounting but who are currently without a formal graduate qualification. They may have a certificate or a diploma in accounting and are currently working in an accounting position.

  • Must have a certificate or diploma in accounting and One year experience working as a book-keeper or in an accounting position
  • 1 professional referee
  • Must not be a discharged bankrupt
  • Must not have been convicted of fraud, money laundering or crimes against children.


This category of membership is for students studying a program of accounting 

  • ​​Must be enrolled in an accounting course 
  • Intends to work or practice in accounting
  • 2 Associate Members to sign