Establishment of the Council

  1. Council of the Institute is established under section 11 of the Act

Objects of the Council

  1. The Council of the Institute is responsible for the management and the control of the affairs of the Institute.

Powers and functions of the Council

  1. The management and the control of the affairs of the Institute are vested in the Council.
  2. In carrying out the objects, functions and powers of the Institute, the Council shall be responsible for the following –
    1. act as the executive body and governing arm of the Institute;
    2. perform the objects, functions and powers of the Institute conferred by the Act or any other written law; and
    3. carry out any direction or resolution which may be given or passed by the Institute at a meeting of members.

Adherence to good governance principles

  1. The Council shall perform its duties in accordance with best practice standards of good governance which recognises the principle of separation of oversight of Institute performance from that of day to day management of operations.
  2. In observing standards of good governance the Council shall adhere to the guidelines set out in Schedule 4.

Membership of the Council

  1. There shall be a President of the Institute and a Vice President of the Institute and other members of the Council all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the members of the Institute.
  2. On being elected, the President, Vice President and other members shall hold office for a term of one year and, subject to the rules in Schedule 5, are eligible for re-election at the expiry of such term.
  3. No person may be elected as the President, Vice President or other member of the Council unless the person is a member of the Institute and is of good financial standing within the Institute.
  4. The Council shall appoint ex officio the incumbent Auditor General and Accountant General as co-opted members of the Council and such co-opted members have the right to deliberate and vote on any matter before the Council.

Operation of the Council

The Council shall operate in accordance with the rules set out in Schedule 5.

MEET THE COUNCIL MEMBERS (elected during the AGM on Thursday 4th April 2024 in Honiara)

Johnson Lobo

Internal Auditor, Solomon Islands Ports Authority.

Vision for the Institute
I envision propelling the accounting profession in the Solomon Islands forward through education,ethical practices and good governance.
My leadership will focus on inclusiveness, enhancing members professionalism through education, and promoting international partnerships to ensure our accountants are globally competitive and pivotal to our nation’s economic growth.

Delilah Homelo

Vice President
General Manager Customer Service/Deputy CEO - Solomon Power

Vision for the Institute
To meet the minimum requirements fora fully factional Professional Accountancy organization by 2025.
Having served in the past years as a member of the council, I have been working with other council member and secretariat to ensure that we are on track to achieving this vision.

Roger Townshend

Private Business Consultant - Stewardship Accounting.

Vision for the Institute
To see that ISIA become an internationally-accredited PAO taking leadership in the areas of assurance, audit, finance, and business advisory professionals in Solomon Islands. Further we want to see ISIA provide value to members in terms of relevant professional trainings for members to achieve professionally accredited qualifications such as the Professional Diploma in Accounting and eventually its own CPA Professional Program.

Loretta Tema

Council Secretary
Business Consultant, LH Consultants

Vision for the Institute
To continue to support ISIA’a vision and mission and ensure it takes shape for the future of Solomon Islands. Also, to strategically support and continue this worthy cause on nation building.

Amabelle Vitualla

Council Member
Managing Director - JPPR Accounting Services

Vision for the Institute
ISIA in the next 5 years and onwards will the leading professional accounting body in the Pacific that provides high quality standard professional accountants recognized internationally.


Silas Likoho Vahea

Council Member
Chief Finance Officer - G Gas

Vision for the Institute
For ISIA to develop a pathway for members to provide access to relevant high-level professional trainings for local accountants which should eventually raise the standards of professionalism and ethics of the accounting profession.

Apollos Inasimae

Council Member
Manager Business Development, Solomon Power.

Vision for the Institute
To create an avenue for local accounting profession to person at a professional and competitive level.

Emmanuel Gela

Council Member
Chief Manager Accountants Deparment, CBSI

Vision for the Institute
To support the institute in strategic activities in pursuit of its vision.

Kevin Murray

Council Member
Internal Auditor, CBSI

Vision for the Institute
To contribute to development of ISIA and its members by promoting professional development, ethical practices and regulatory enhancement through ISIA strategic initiative and collaboration.

Walter Maesuga

Coucil Treasurer
Business Advisory & Consultant - CS Vision Management.

Vision for the Institute
To be a member of the governance team that is vested with the oversight role in empowering ISIA and inspiring ISIA management and administration. To be involved in part of planning and development of ISIA team that protects and develops the accounting profession in Solomon Islands. Additionally, to contribute to the enforcement of the Accountants Act 2010 and its regulations during implementation. To see the appropriate strategies rendered to develop the profession with value and respect it deserves.

David Teika Dennis

Co-opt Member
Auditor General

Mr Paula Uuinaceva

Co-opt Member
Accountant General



Council Members